Protein kills the male erection. Myth or truth

Male potency and erection is caused by a complex of biochemical, physiological and psychosomatic factors. Therefore, the adoption of a whole list of medications, combined food additives, growth stimulants or inhibitors of certain processes positively or negatively affects erectile function. Long-term studies and clinical trials of the effects of certain drugs on men’s health, shifts or normalization of metabolism because of their use are being conducted. For example, in the field of endocrinology, the subject of study is the body’s response to the use of hormonal drugs, mainly containing testosterone. Nutritionists are trying to find out the relationship between nutrition and masculine health, including in terms of sexual life. The subject of special attention of athletes: bodybuilders, wrestlers, gymnasts, athletes is getting an answer to the question: does the protein affect the potency. After all, for a quick and confident build-up of muscle mass, most athletes, especially beginners, use all kinds of drugs containing amino acids (protein), vitamins, hormonal compounds (testosterone) and other components.

Sports nutrition is very diverse

The assortment of protein complexes is very diverse. There are preparations in which muscle energy supplies are added to work: ATP, creatine. The direct impact on factors related to the potency and sexual life of men in general, they don’t. Creatine is directly related to the functioning of muscle cells, and with the intensification of physical activity, its synthesis in the body may be inadequate. Additional intake of creatine allows you to provide muscle energy in time and prevent a decline in strength. As a result, it can be stated that the protein in such a composition and potency are not interrelated, and such additives cannot be badly affected by erection. A low creatine content can lead to exhaustion and fatigue. And this is not very well reflected in the libido of men. With this consideration of the issue, there is even a certain positive opinion regarding creatine as a source of male power.

Be careful when you use sports nutrition

A sporting man with a high level of confidence can determine whether the protein affects the potency with the use of special drugs that help build muscle. For this, trial use of the prescribed additives and a generalization of the probable consequences are recommended. Excessive physical exertion is capable of temporarily lowering male strength, which must be considered when taking proteins and do not rush to link this with a decrease in the level of erection. Do not forget about the psychological circumstance, since the presence of a large amount of information on the harm of protein on the potency with the use of anabolic drugs, hormonal drugs, creatine, combined products of sports nutrition is often at a subconscious level has a negative effect. A direct biochemical relationship between the increase or decrease in the level of erection and most of the varieties of proteins is not proven, but in any case, you should observe moderation. Regarding additives containing steroids, there is a link, so when they are appointed, the participation of professional medics is required.

Effect of protein on potency: myths and truth.

Protein stimulates the natural metabolic processes in the body of a man and at the same time, it doesn’t affect his sexual abilities any way. There is no effecting of protein on the potency.

What does man need a for high-quality sex in the absence of diseases? There is only one response on this question. It is an energy. Protein provides the cells of the body with the necessary energy, being its source.

One of the problems with the potency of a man – is the damage of the nerves, which are in the lower part of the body. Protein will help restore these nerves, which improves potency – the scientists of Northwestern University Feinberg (USA) came to this conclusion during research. Protein will also help to regenerate blood vessels that supply useful substances to all organs and parts of the body of a man, including the genitals.

Conventional medicine has already formed its opinion on how the protein affects potency – it is positive, but at the same time, there is a ban on its using for people with chronic diseases. Protein won’t be harmful to healthy people.

Conclusion: high-quality protein from a proven manufacturer will not affect the potency in any way.