Generic Levitra




Levitra generic is the copy of the original tablet used for the treatment of erectile violations. Levitra is made on the technology of a branded product of Levitra, repeating its structure and providing identical efficiency and properties. It has gained considerable popularity among the men as a powerful safe remedy with the permanently good result. Like the well-known Viagra, Vardenafil is an active agent of Levitra. It successfully copes with symptoms of erectile violation. Levitra became the best solution to delicate problems. Based on the substance Vardenafil, the generic Levitra has success as powerful, high-speed, and safe remedy against impotence.

What is the action of Levitra?
Active agent is Vardenafil, a special component. Its distinctive feature, besides the prolonged action of about 35 hours, is also its selective influence, only on smooth cavities of a penis. Levitra from India strengthens a blood-groove and fills cavities with blood, as the cornerstone of a natural erection at men. The basic moment is the fact that Levitra from India is not hormonal. It also doesn’t have an impact on mentality. Vardenafil of 20 mg selectively strengthens blood coming to cavernous bodies of a penis, interfering with its outflow and providing a natural erection with very long action till 35 hours. Indian Levitra isn’t a remedy for excitement, it only guarantees you 100% natural erection in the presence of a really strong sexual desire.

What are the main advantages of Levitra from India?

  • High effectiveness. Many people study Indian pills responses and on their basis put Indian Levitra in one row with Cialis or Viagra that isn’t right. According to clinical trials of the leading medical centers, it was proved that it surpasses Viagra and Cialis in efficiency.
  • A number of researches have revealed high efficiency of Vardenafil at men with a severe form of diabetes and the operated prostate gland.
  • Another powerful argument in favor of purchase Vardenafil from India is the price, which is much lower than the other remedies have.

Method of use and doses
Take 10-20 mg once, for half an hour before the planned intimacy. It isn’t necessary to use Vardenafil from India more often than once a day.
Patients with heavy dysfunction of liver/kidneys who are over 65 years have to accept 5 mg.

What are the contraindications?
Not use it at the increased individual sensitivity. It isn’t appointed along with taking of donators of an oxide of nitrogen, organic nitrates, and nitrites (strengthening hypotensive effect). It isn’t intended for taking by persons who are younger than 16 years and for treatment of women.

What are the side effects?

  • Infectious diseases: conjunctivitis.
  • Violations of mentality: sleep disorders, headache.
  • Organs of vision: violation of visual acuity and color perception, feeling of discomfort and eye pain, photophobia.
  • Organs of hearing: sudden deafness, a ring in ears.
  • Immune system: allergic or angioneurotic hypostasis, allergic reactions.
  • Heart and vessels: heartbeat, tachycardia, myocardial infarction, hypotension.
  • GIT: dyspepsia, nausea, belly-ache, diarrhea, dryness of a mouth, gastritis, vomiting.
  • Respiratory system and bodies of a thorax: nose congestion.
  • Skin and hypodermic tissues: erythema, rash.
  • Skeletal, muscular, and connecting tissues: back pains, increase in a muscular tone.
  • Genitals and mammary glands: strengthening of erection, priapism.
  • General: feeling sick, breast pains.

Taking high doses of Indian Levitra can cause strengthening of side effects.

Special instructions
Patients with anatomic deformations of a penis, dysfunction of liver, a renal failure, blood diseases (leukemia, a myeloma), arterial hypotonia, the pigmentary retinitis, with stroke or myocardial infarction for the last half year should refrain from taking.
Taking of remedy from India doesn’t cause sexual excitement, and isn’t effective in the absence of sexual stimulation.
Before taking, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

What are the storage conditions of Levitra from India?
You should keep the Indian item at the temperature of 20 degrees, in the place not available to children. Expiration date is five years.

Is it possible to buy pills from India otc?
Yes, the remedy is available in the online pharmacy over the counter.

Where a delivery goes to?
We deliver our remedy to France, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, Norway, Canada, Sweden, and Finland.

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