Sildenafil Citrate

KamagraErectile dysfunction is a problem of many men. According to different data, from 30% to 60% of the global male population of Earth suffers from such a disease. Several decades ago, this was not considered a disease and was considered temporary impairment with unknown psychological or physiological reasons (or combined). Today it is already classified as the disease of severe importance and many various options of treatment were elaborated for that (including medications, changes in lifestyle and nutrition). One of the medications is Kamagra. Its active substance is Sildenafil Citrate – a very effective chemical substance that works well in almost 100% of the cases.

Use, doses, cost, indications, and contraindications of otc Kamagra

indian kamagraOne shall take this drug for the treatment of sexual failure. If a normal sexual interaction considered impossible for whatever reason, a man is advised to take Kamagra (manufactured in India). The reason for Indian remedy is the fact of its cheap price: it usually costs about 1.50-3 US dollars per 1 pill, which is much more alluring than the price of original drug – it can be even up to USD 50 simply because of stupendous financial appetites of the branded manufacturer.

Take 1 pill before your sexual act not later than 30 minutes. It will normally work for 3-4 hours, which is enough for several rounds of copulation. Do not take another tablet sooner than 24 hours have passed since the last intake. Do not take it if you know you experience bad sensations after its intake, have heart or liver problems, under 18 years old or beyond 70 years old, have a personal intolerance to it, or not sure about the correctness of its use.

Side effects of Indian Kamagra

Side effects of Indian Kamagra usually include flushing, pain in ears, eyes, back, head, joints, and stomach area. Nausea and vomiting can be pronounced side effects too. A too strong erection that lasts over 4 hours straight should be a non-ignorable reason to see a doctor for help. These are not all possible side effects, only the most often ones. If you feel bad after the intake, be sure to see a doctor for emergency medical assistance.

How to buy cheap Indian Kamagra

It is very easy to purchase Kamagra from India: you can do it for mediocre prices from our online pharmacy with the delivery to a convenient location. We often offer various discount sales for our generic drugs, which makes your purchase the cheapest and the best order.

Additional information about Kamagra tablets over the counter

Do not give it to children and pets. Do not mix it with alcohol or any drugs that may aggravate or lower its action. Please do remember that the remedy is incapable of defending you from STDs (including HIV and AIDS) or unwanted pregnancy. Be sure to always check the expiry date on your medication, as it is dangerous for health to use the drug with inappropriate shelf life. Store it in the secure place under supervision, in a cool and dry place, without exposure to sunlight.

PackagePricePer pillSavingsOrder
50mg x 12 tablet$29.95$2.50
50mg x 20 tablet$44.95$2.25$4.97
50mg x 32 tablet$63.95$2.00$15.92
50mg x 60 tablet$104.95$1.75$44.80
50mg x 92 tablet$149.95$1.63$79.67
50mg x 120 tablet$179.95$1.50$119.55
PackagePricePer pillSavingsOrder
100mg x 12 tablet$35.95$3.00
100mg x 20 tablet$49.95$2.50$9.97
100mg x 32 tablet$73.60$2.30$22.27
100mg x 60 tablet$125.95$2.10$53.80
100mg x 92 tablet$183.95$2.00$91.67
100mg x 120 tablet$227.95$1.90$131.55
100mg x 180 tablet$323.95$1.80$215.30
100mg x 272 tablet$459.95$1.69$354.92
100mg x 360 tablet$539.95$1.50$538.55
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