How to use Dapoxetine

Dapoxetine is an effective drug that is used to treat an early ejaculation of men. Using this medication the right way will guarantee a positive outcome and the minimal risk of facing any side effects. This drug is an inhibitor of serotonin that is responsible for pleasant feeling inside the body. A human cannot become happy if there’s little serotonin in blood. Dapoxetine can solve this problem giving the men both sexual and emotional excitement.

Taking any drug should begin with reading the instruction and visiting the doctor to get some information about the effects and the dosage. You can find the instruction online or get it together with the pills if you buy them in the official online or offline drugstore. You should carefully check the dosage and how many pills you can take within a day. You will probably see the information about one pill per day.

You can also find the information about the side effects that may appear after taking Dapoxetine. You should examine this piece of information to be ready to know what to do. The longer you take the drug the higher chances to face the side effects you have. If you take the pill for the first time, you will probably finish with no side effects at all. Once you have finished reading the instruction, it’s time to take Dapoxetine or plan what time you can do it.

The average dose of the drug is 30 mg. It’s one pill. You can see the amount of an active ingredient stamped on the surface of the pill. You should take it with at least half of the glass of water. Take it one hour before you plan to have sex. If you need a higher dose, you should call your doctor to find out whether you can increase the dose or not.

The pill is bitter, you should swallow it. There’s no big difference if you take it before or after having a meal. You should drink enough water to get rid of the bitter taste in your mouth. Don’t take more than one pill within 24 hours. You shouldn’t take Dapoxetine every day as this drug was manufactured only for special occasions. If you follow the recommendations mentioned above, you will have a strong erection that will last for a few hours.