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doctorWe are happy to welcome you on our site! This Internet resource was created in order to help men solve their erectile problems, regain the self-assuredness, preserve family relations on the high level and make living more exciting, bright, and saturated.

Professional doctors in urology and sexual pathology tell that the treatment of erectile dysfunction must be started as soon as the first symptoms of it appear. Do not wait until your problems will become serious and you won’t have another chance but to go on the stationary treatment. We offer you our services so you can avoid expensive visits to a doctor, long queues in drugstores, problems in the intimate area, and even impotence.

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easyThe structure of our site is pretty easy to understand and use. We constantly replenish our site with new and fresh information from areas of pharmacology, healthy nutrition, medicine, and the active lifestyle. You will find the information of your interest in the proper sections of our site. There is information about problems with erectile dysfunction and how can one avoid it. The information about erectile drugs and their pharmacokinetics is available to all visitors of our site without exceptions. We are trying to write about what is really important for our visitors and clients.

About erectile dysfunction

laboratory assistantErectile dysfunction is one of the most widespread sexual impairments amongst the men population of the world. Up to 1998, only surgical interventions were the most widespread remedy to treat this problem. After the emergence of first effective and commercially successful substance against erectile dysfunction, pharmacy industry had significantly improved the initial formula to get even more beneficial medications against erectile dysfunction.

About drugs to fight erectile dysfunction:


Indian ViagraOne of the first ever-discovered drugs to do that was Viagra. It was discovered occasionally but this brought much use to the entire humankind. Indeed, thanks to occasions, the pharmacological area was enriched with many other amazing substances, like, for instance, penicillin. Turning back to Viagra, it must be said that it is used not only to temporarily enhance the male’s potency but also to treat it.

It is one of the most known medications in the world in this field. Since its first origination, the active substance of it (Sildenafil) was actively improved and studied in order to provide the humanity with the next generations of these pills. The commercial success of Viagra is huge as the worldwide sales of it reach about 1 billion Euros each year.

Viagra is attributed to a group of drugs that slow down the work of ferments called phosphodiesterase that work too fast making erection much too not lasting. Controlling phosphodiesterase, Sildenafil helps maintain erection steadily and during a long time. Erection occurs if a penis is stimulated physically.

Viagra is also available in the form of generic remedy. What is generic? It is completely the same formula only in the shell of another brand name and costing sometimes tens and hundreds of times lesser than the original one. Why? Because it is produced in India (as well as other similar drugs like Cialis), where several factors play the beneficial role: low cost of production thanks to much cheaper equipment, low salaries of workers, factually no studies in discovering the already known formula of the active substance, no expenditures for advertising, low taxes, and much lower additional costs. Along with these, the quality of the end product stays the same as they completely copy the manufacturing process.


Indian CialisCialis is the medication of similar action to Viagra, only its basis is another chemical substance – Tadalafil. It also inhibits phosphodiesterase’s action that also works better on the cavernous bodies inside the penis responsible for maintenance of sturdy erection. It makes possible to successfully capture more blood in them and hold it inside for quite a long time. Thus, the process’ result is the achievement of long-lasting erection required for maintenance of mutually satisfying sexual relations.

Cialis is one of the most-selling medications in the world. It helps fast and effectively struggle erectile dysfunction – one of the most widespread man diseases, especially in men over 40. For many, buying Cialis would be the optimal thing to deal with their sexual problems thanks to the simplicity, speed, and effectiveness. However, it is always recommended to address to a doctor before taking Cialis in order to find out whether this drug suits you or not.

Generic Cialis has the same action and manifestations as the original Cialis. The generic form is produced in India and costs very cheap too for the reasons we already know from the paragraph about Viagra. Generic and original versions have Tadalafil substance in the same quantities and type. Buying cheaper generic drug will not make you lose, as you receive a high-quality and effective medication not paying someone for the commercial, brand name, and other side expenses. That makes you spend on the treatment of your problem much lesser costs.

What else

BooksHere on our site, you will find some pieces of advice on how to treat erectile dysfunction with and without drugs, advice on changes in your lifestyle in order to improve your own life faster and more efficiently. We also deliver the results of the latest studies to help you find out more about novelties in treatment.

We are here to help you receive cheap and cheaper Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, Levitra and other drugs on the Internet. Our goal is to create an informative and helpful site about the treatment of erectile dysfunction for everyone. And we hope that we have managed to cope with this task. Have we?